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This book is part of a series of children's books whose themes are about children and their unique perspectives on life - some call them Special Needs Children, I hope everyone will see them for what they are: children with an exceptional outlook on life - one that we could learn a lot from. All the stories are  are aimed at any child and any adult who are not afraid of looking at the world from a different perspective.


My name is Tardy, to my friends that is. My family

call me David. I am ten years old and I am never going to grow up. My favourite artist is Pablo Picasso (he’s dead now) and he said: “All children are artists.” My journal is actually painted all over the walls on various pieces of paper, so my story is a bit all over the place. Anyway,does it matter that the story’s not in the right order?

The important thing is that I have a story to tell you…  



Do you want a sneak preview?

Then listen to the first two chapters of the book below!






Reality, Bits, Bytes and Chips


...a collection of poems, short stories, podcasts and a 

play called East End Spices. It addresses elements of

the reality of life such as joy and loss, race, culture

and religion and questions whether we are willing to

change our outlook on life. As usual, I have tried to

balance all the serious issues with some light-hearted

bantering poetry that might make you laugh out loud.

I hope it does!  Below is an excerpt for you:


Reality Bits, Bytes and Chips


Prices are rising but the wage stays the same

Prospects are falling, slashed benefit claims


[whisper: it’s all in your mind]


House prices double and bank savings gone

Credit debt massive, everyone’s now overdrawn


[whisper: it’s all in your mind]


Vaccinate for tetanus, vaccinate for flu

Vaccinate for truanting, that’s what we must do


[whisper: it’s all in your mind]


No rebellion for union strength’s slacking

Keep your head down and mouth shut

or you’re up for a sacking


[whisper: keep the status quo]


Who’s robot? Who’s human?

Who’s pulling the strings?

Who’s launching these boils with interminable slings?


[whisper: keep the status quo]


Question the media

 Question your ears

Assert your rights before they become souvenirs


[whisper: these are a few of my favourite things]


Remove the computer chips lodged in your brain

Before they convince you that you’ve gone insane


[whisper: these are a few of my favourite things]



Don’t leave it to other people

 to fight your battles now

For they’re awaiting you instead

 and they might not know how


[whisper: take a bite out of reality

 instead of becoming a reality byte]

Dragon on my Shoulder


I need some coffee to start me on my day

Sugar sweet and thrice time stirred

My pet curled up within my hair

Breathes warm into my ear


I smile

It warms my neck

So close its gurgle no-one else can hear


Some take sandwiches, a bit of cold rice

Their tin of caffeine or a flagon of hot tea

But I am a smuggler of dreams into work

With my little pet dragon in my briefcase


And when the day is done

And the in-tray war is won

We will ride the metal dragon home


We’ll snuggle up in front of the magic box

                                …I’ll toss the corn kernels into the air

                                …and my pet dragon will make us popcorn



Copyright ©  Kitty Clairmont 2014. All rights reserved.

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