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About Kitty



What are your interests?                                         

Stories, poetry, art and music that immerse me in different cultures, religions and practices and enable me to view life from a different perspective - recently I went to see the musical show STOMP -a unique combination of percussion, movement and visual comedy which was brilliant! I love new things and meeting new people.                          

I enjoy Arts & Crafts particularly painting ceramics and glass, also making mosaics and I am often found elbow deep in paint and glue! 



What do you enjoy reading?

I love the Viking Age Period and early writings such as  Beowulf, also the Medieval Period and Chaucer. I enjoy the theatre especially when it brings history and stories to life, ​whether it's to watch

 Horrible Histories or visit the Globe for

 a Shakesperian performance - it's all magic to me!


There are many poets I admire among whom are Carol Ann Duffy,

Michael Rosen and in particular Benjamin Zephaniah whose unique 

way of expressing strong emotions through words and the

layout of hiwork tend to double the impact of his

message. My tastes are very eccletic so I can be equally found curled up with the works of Jane Austen, Terry Pratchett, Patrick Ness or a beautiful picture book.


How did you become an author?

I had a forced sabbatical from work and even though my body

was not 100% my mind still needed to keep busy...so

 started writing. It began with a book of poetry called

'Angelic Poetry: Little Pills of Comfort'. Recently

someone thanked me for sharing my poetry and that it

let them know that they weren't alone- I was very moved.


Next, came the first in a series of children's books - called

'Arty Tardy'. I wove my love of Art into the story using Picasso 

 and David Hockney as my inspiration. The main character is

 a boy with Asperges who has a talent for painting and a    

  wonderful way of viewing the world. 



Then I was asked if I would write a book for adults and the result was 'Reality Bits, Bytes and Chips' which is 

collection of poems, short stories and a play. I was surprised at the direction the book took, it seems that the message of celebrating one's uniqueness is a theme that runs through all my work. 



What has inspired you?                                

One thing I have learned over the years is that it only takes one

moment to change your my life forever. When it is your calling, that

moment will keep repeating itself until it changes your perspective,

your thinking and forces you to re-evaluate everything you thought

you knew. I have had the privilege to work with some exceptional

children and young adults ranging from nursery to nineteen year

olds and they have left a deep and lasting impression on me - they

have all given me far more than what I gave them.


What next?I have written a Teaching Resource to accompany

'Arty Tardy'which will includes the workshops I have

delivered to schools.




[Questions were put to me by my budding journalistic daughter and I had no choice but to answer them or she would set her goldfish on me...I beg your pardon? You haven't seen the size of them!!!]











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