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Presenting: 'Arty Tardy'

This is my first children's book and the first in a series. 


All the books have themes about children with special gifts and ways of looking at the world - some call them Special Needs Children, I hope everyone will see them for what they are: children with an exceptional outlook on life - one that we could learn a lot from.

All the stories are written in the child's voice and are aimed at any child and any adult who are not afraid of looking at the world from a different perspective.


My name is Tardy, to my friends that is. My family call me David. I am ten years old and I am never going to grow up. My favourite artist is Pablo Picasso (he’s dead now) and he said: “All children are artists.” My journal is actually painted all over the walls on various pieces of paper, so my story is a bit all over the place. Anyway, does it matter that the story’s not in the right order?

The important thing is that I have a story to tell you



16 September 2013

 Little Pills of Comfort (I)       

Surrounded by used tissues
head over a steaming bowl
Paracetamol or sipping Lemsip in a bid to rid this cold

I send you a purple pill
to block
the negativity of sneezes

a green one
for recovery
from your coughing fit diseases

a yellow one
for appetite
that taste buds will again bloom

and an orange one
to give the nerve
to leave your dark sick room

a red one
that will fire your power
and help you realise you're beautiful
despite your runny nose and streaming eyes

with all of this I send a cup of
lavender coloured dew
collected from the flowers that the garden spirit blessed especially for you.

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